Professional Resume

Dean W. Arnold has experience in promotion, marketing, advertising, writing, and founding non-profits.

• President, Chattanooga Historical Foundation (2003 to present). Founded this non-profit 501(c)3 in 2003. Raised large gifts under its auspices, with donors including those affiliated with the Maclellan, Lyndhurst, and Chattanooga Greater Community Foundations. Projects include regional book “Old Money, New South: the Spirit of Chattanooga,” and feature documentary “Harriet’s Secret: a Progressive Marriage in the 1890s.”

• Chairman, 2012-13, Board of Directors, Partners for Christian Media, Chattanooga, Tennessee (Founding board member from 1995 to present). One of five members of the founding board, which serves as parent company for J103 FM, a group of Christian music stations, now reaching four states with a $2 million a year budget.

• Creative Director, ComeOnLetsGo (2010 to present). Oversee all creative and artistic aspects of this new venture for Partners for Christian Media. Mass advertising campaign driving people to the website featuring hundreds of local and national people sharing their story of a changed life and providing information, people, and resources for taking the next step with God.

• President, Arnold Script Development, LLC. (2006-2009) Projects include screenplay “The Wizard and the Lion” on the dynamic friendship between J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis as well as a documentary treatment and movie trailer on the relationship between Hillary Clinton and White House Counsel Vince Foster. Arnold has also been paid to produce a handful of other biographical documentaries and other film products.

• Founded River City Jazz Association (2000). Organized events and produced a Christmas CD featuring the area’s top jazz artists.

• Director of Public Policy and Communications for the Chattanooga Resource Foundation. (1991-1996) Co-led citywide leadership development program, editor for several publications, and published voter guides distributed to 40,000 in Chattanooga.

• Founded the Chattanooga Fax (1996-2004), a weekly news publication reaching 8500 fax machines each week. Sold all advertising. Wrote a lengthy investigative report each week as well as an editorial for 8 years.

• Executive Director, American Rights Coalition. (1988-1991). Started as first employee and grew organization to 10 staff and 48 chapters nationwide.

• Administrative Assistant to PGA Tour Pro Wally Armstrong (1988-89). Promoted golf instruction videos and clinics. Enjoyed numerous PGA Tour events, partook in the VIP lounge, and hung out in the locker room with the world’s most famous golfers.


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