Eagle Power–Arnold Family History

This history of my Arnold forefathers (One hour in 10 YouTube episodes) is one of the most satisfying projects I’ve ever worked on.

Part 1: Eagle Power—Arnold History
(Click here for the first video. The other nine thumbnails are below.)

It may be a good bit over produced. Sometimes I feel like I’m crying out in the wilderness (Does anyone else care about this stuff?), but I’ve always had this thing in me that digs genealogy and feels in tune with people, events, and places from the past.

How we are remembered—or even whether—is a huge concept. As Father Stephen once pointed out to me, Americans aren’t very good at remembering. Every Orthodox funeral ends with the hymn, “Memory Eternal.”

I was able to put so much time and effort into this project because about 12 years ago I found myself suddenly a bachelor again with much time on my hands and in need of a serious and healthy diversion. This did the trick, and it helped that I had a presentation goal: I showed it to my parents, brothers and their wives and kids at our Arnold reunion beach trip. It got a big ovation at the end, and that was enough to make it worthwhile.

Part 2: Great, Great Grandfather

William Henry Arnold

Part 3: Great Grandfather

Clarence Arnold

Part 4: Grandfather—Clifford Arnold

Part 5: Genealogical Breakthrough

Part 6: Stephen Arnold (Seventh Great Grandfather)

Part 7: James Arnold (Sixth Great Greatfather)

Part 8: Captain John Arnold (Fifth Great Grandfather)

Part 9: William and John Arnold (Fourth and Third Great Grandfathers)

Part 10: Eagles and the Earliest Arnolds

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