Christ is baptized! Timkat 2018 (day 3 – Dean in Ethiopia)

Levi and I just finished up the biggest festival of the year in Ethiopia—well, the eve of the feast. More tomorrow.

Timkat is Theophany (sometimes called Epiphany) when Christ was baptized by John the Forerunner. Millions turn out all over the city to head to a water source to recreate the drama and also the event of the Ark of the Covenant being brought into the Jordan River to cause it to recede and allow the children of Israel to proceed into the promised land.

No more commentary at the moment—it’s 12.45 pm our time after awaking at 5:30 am and walking around the entire day (and jet lag, and power outages …).

Just a few pictures and a couple short videos. They sing simple songs like “Christ is baptized in the River Jordan” and “If you love the Gospel, happy Epiphany!” More to come.

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