It’s all about the beard (pre-day 3 – Dean in Ethiopia)

Today’s beard, three days before trip three.

Ethiopians love my beard. 

They can’t grow them that well. When an Ethiopian has one, it is usually a holy man who hasn’t shaved or done much else for years. And even then, it’s a stringy, not very full kind of thing. 

Recent Patriarch’s beard: fair to middlin’.

I look like a great and holy man with my beard. I’m not much in that area regarding substance, so I might as well take advantage of the form and appearance. 

This third trip will be quite a step up from trips one and two in the past 20 months. 

Trip two beard


Trip one beard

When I return, I will consider shaving the whole thing and enjoying the drastic comparison. Maybe I’ll take a poll. Maybe I’ll raise money from both sides—the shaves and shaves not.

For more info and to support this effort, see here.

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